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Producing Director - Stephen Sanborn
Co-Producer - Constance Lopez
Special Projects - Michael Dunnell
Past Production - SWEENEY TODD - Fall 2019
Past Production - CAROL BURNETT & ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE - Spring 2019
Past Production - TERMS OF ENDEARMENT - Spring 2019
Past Production - MAMMA MIA - Fall 2018
Past production - LEND ME A TENOR - Spring 2018
Past Production - PETER PAN - Fall 2017
Past Production - RUMORS by Neil Simon - Spring 2017
Past Production - YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN - Fall 2016
Past Production - CHICAGO - Spring 2016
Past Production - NEXT TO NORMAL - Fall 2015
Past Production - JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - Spring 2015
Past Production - INTO THE WOODS - Fall 2014
Past Production - LES MISERABLES - Spring 2014
Past Production - SPAMALOT - Fall 2013
Past Production - A TALE OF TWO CITIES - Fall 2012
Past Production - RAGTIME,The Musical - Fall 2011
Past Production - CABARET - Spring 2011
Past Production - BROKEN GLASS - Spring 2009
Past Production - Man Of La Mancha - Fall 2008

What our Audience had to say about SWEENEY TODD, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: 
" We loved the show ...  what voices this year !!" --  Dee & Denis F, Pittsfield MA.   

" The Two Of Us rises to the challenge of Sweeney Todd ...  they are doing one of the best and most difficult works in musical theater  ...  with orchestra .. " "  Yes, they are doing it.  Darn Well. " --  Marion Hunter from The Columbia Paper

"The Two of Us Productions' Sweeney Todd features nuanced performances, subtle beauty .. " - Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

" This bold and elegant production (of Sweeney Todd) ...  was a captivating and moving theater experience ..." - Tamara Cacchione, Hudson Valley Ovation

"Congratulations on the show.  I read a few reviews of Sweeney Todd and I am glad that you guys were recognized as having done such a fine job.  The orchestra, the singing, the sets, the characters all came to life and I was completely impressed and entertained" - Peter T. - Hudson NY.

What our Audience said about Terms Of Endearment:
"The kids and I enjoyed the show yesterday. Thank you for making it happen" - Brian E., Ghent NY.
"Great show. Emotions were very strong, especially the in last scene" - Dan M., Hudson NY.
"Creating the 3 playing areas across the stage & side area, combined with the lighting worked very well" - Dave P., Copake NY.
"The show was wonderful, I am so glad I came" - Rachel W., Chatham NY.
“This is the last weekend that you can see the play “Terms of Endearment” at our Grange. I was at the play last weekend and it was fantastic. The actors were superb, the lighting was professional and the flow of the play was smooth” – Bob C – Copake Falls NY.

In The Two of Us/Roving Actors’ Repertory Ensemble production of Terms of Endearment, we watch the relationship of Aurora, expertly portrayed by Constance Lopez, and her daughter, Emma, ably played by Karissa Payson, challenged, tested, and triumph over the course of 23 years.”
“Constance Lopez (as Aurora) is a standout in this production. Lopez entered at the top of the show with gusto and kept that energy and valiant characterization alive throughout the entire show.”
“Karissa Payson as Emma provided a strong yin to Aurora’s yang, adding a softer, even quiet, balance to the production.” “As “The Astronaut”/Garrett Breedlove,
Matthew Leinung provides a breath of fresher and lighter air to the generally heavy story. His comedic timing, natural charm, and wonderful chemistry with Lopez provides a strong backbone to this production.”
“ .. notable performance is that of Nicole Molinski who takes on the three roles of Patsy (Emma’s best friend), Doris (a love interest for Garrett), and the Nurse (who is on the receiving end of “Give my daughter the shot!”). Bravo to Molinski, who effectively developed three very distinct characters.”
“Zachary Nayer takes on the tough role of Flap Horton ... Nayer’s gentler portrayal of the gruff Flap make the character’s realization of just how much his ailing wife means to him feel more inevitable than dramatic. But the audience will respond to the character arc, in part due to Nayer’s own personal appeal.”
“ … Brian Yorck, a veteran of The Two of Us Productions, taking on dual roles as Rudyard and Dr. Maise. Yorck is effective in both roles, but we see his talents shine brightest as Dr. Maise, if only based upon stage time. He skillfully presented the opinionated, if easily persuaded, doctor with a big heart.”
" In movies, it is easy to go from shot to shot or scene to scene, but this does not always play well on stage. It can make a production seem choppy, or the short scenes can interrupt the pacing or “flow” of the show. Kudos to director Stephen Sanborn for taking on this challenge with expertise and skill. Scenes changes were seamless and the play moved forward with ease.
This production is a wonderful example of the human condition as the lives and relationships of Aurora, Emma, and those around them were portrayed with sincerity and heart clearly guided by the vision of an insightful director – Teresa Gasparini – Hudson Valley Ovation 


What our Audience said about PETER PAN: 

"At one point in “Peter Pan,” the title character asks the audience to clap their hands if they believe in fairies ..  the crowd roared with applause, saving the life of Peter’s fairy friend, Tinker Bell." 
  •  (Constance) Lopez plays Peter Pan, bringing a youthful exuberance to the boy who doesn't want to grow up.
  • The cast is filled with impressive young actors.  Madison Seipp is well-mannered and inquisitive as Wendy, but she's  also able to capture the excitement of flying to Neverland with John (Coltin Luckfield) and Michael (Jacob Corcoran).
  • The Lost Children are wonderful.  Meagan Corcoran and Jayden Kipp are adorable as Twin 1 & Twin 2, and Hunter Anderson leads the charge as Slightly, the oldest memver of the group.
  • The Indiand led by Tiger Lily (Emma Hvizdak) have some of the best dance numbers. 
  • The pirates provide hilarious comedic relief, especially the impressive Chris Bailey as the overdramatic Captain Hook and Frank Leavitt as Smee.

Did I mention that the members of the cast actually fly?

That’s the type of magic that the Two of Us Productions brings to the stage for this musical." -- Darryl Gangloff, Lakeville Journal  

"Great show!  This is a difficult show due to the challenging technical aspects.  It was very well done! " -- Dan M. from Hudson NY.  

"This 'Peter Pan' gives fantasy a good name. "

  • The company ... come across a "real" children, "real" stage-Indians with an appealing "real" boy, Peter. 
  • Frank Leavitt's Smee is indeed a loveable villian
  • The stage adores a face such as Constance Lopez's (Peter Pan).  Its femininity ...  softens the character's loveless braggart side  .. the fact that a grown woman can make us believe she is an adolescent boy is an accomplishment; and Lopez accopmplishses
  •  Best of all is the music ..  Sanborn's 23 piece orchestra continues to grow in ensemble and in-tuneness .. getting that authentic Broadway sound, and that is to be cherished

 -- Marion Hunter, The Columbia Paper.  


What our Audience said about YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, THE MUSICAL: 
" This production of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN ... shows how much passion a local theater company has for its craft"  --  Darryl Gangloff, Lakeville Journal  

"I loved your production of CHICAGO, but I think YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is even better!" -- Ed F. from Catskill NY

"Great show.  My friends who attended performances loved it!" -- Dan M from Hudson NY

"the actors and musicians did a great job with YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN ... the (your) productions are fantastic .. keep up the good work"  -- Allen H.

" Constance Lopez shines as IGOR ... FREDERICK is played with great comedic timing by Matthew Coviello .... There are some powerful voices in this cast.  Betsy Rees sound perfect in "Please Don't Touch Me" and "Deep Love" ... Kelly Sienkiewicz somehow manages to carry an impressive tune while going for a "Roll In The Hay  ...  Mark Leinung as a lonely blind hermit belted out a beautiful rendition of "Please Send Me Someone" --  Darryl Gangloff, Lakeville Journal  

See us on Broadway.com --


What our Audience has to say about NEXT TO NORMAL:

"It (next to normal) was absolutely awesome ..... each of the cast members was better than the last and the music was great!  ....  You all have great talent, enjoyed the scenery and everything about the show " -- Margaret C-F.

"Thank you for another great performance.  What a show!! .... I saw the show a second time because it was a powerful show told by powerful singers singing powerful songs" -- Diane B-Y, Philmont NY.

" You do an AMAZING job!  ...  saw the show last weekend & agreed that this was a VERY well done play"-- Melissa S.

" BRAVO!  it (next to normal)was an excellent production ...   pacing was good, the orchestra and singers were well balanced, scenery and lighting worked well.  The demands on each cast member were daunting and they did an excellent job!"  -- Dan M., Hudson, NY.

" Such wonderful moments, building up to a gloriously complete evening.  Great work.  So many small nuanced touches I never experienced in the Broadway production."  -- Dennis H., Columbia County, NY.

"This show was an amazingly tight performance, with the cast, the orchestra, the lighting and the set all working together for a very powerful production   ...   a great job handling very difficult material" --  Alissa W.m Hudson NY & Diane B-Y., Philmont NY.  

Our production of NEXT TO NORMAL has been recognized by The Theater Association of NY STATE (TANYS):
  • Excellence in Ensemble Performance to the Cast 
  • Excellence in Direction to Stephen Sanborn

We are especially pleased that this is recognizing the strong ensemble performances of our cast, and the tightly orchestrated performance of the cast, orchestra & technical team.

You can see all the awards by clicking here and looking for NEXT TO NORMAL by The Two Of Us Productions.


What our Audience has to say about INTO THE WOODS:

We brought another couple to see our first Two of Us show. What a wonderful production. From the actors to the crew, staging, costumes, orchestra and venue we could not have seen a better show!!! Wow! -- Georgia V.Z.

I saw the show last night ... congratulations for a beautiful production. I have to hand it to you .. a class act all the way!! My first time at Taconic Hills - WOW! Perfect venue for you guys. You made beautiful use of the space. -- Edgar A. Chatham NY.

" Steve Sanborn's orchestra makes its contribution nicely, well supported by solid keyboards" ... "Direction is mostly excellent" ... "The women are very strong in this production" ... "The Two Of Us Productions gets more and more professional as time goes on. Watch them evolve." -- Marion Hunter, The Columbia Paper

Great production with beautiful costumes and wonderful staging. It must have been fun to work with such a talented bunch. -- Lael L., Chatham NY.

The production was grand -- Mike V., Chatham NY

Next To Normal:

    I just saw your excellent production of NEXT TO NORMAL and loved it ... great job !!!   Hope more people hear about it!  Please put me on your mailing list for future productions! 


The show was fantastic. It's always good to see a piece you have never seen before, but also it was done with skill and flair. I don't think there was a moment in the show that felt wrong. Congratulations on a job done VERY well!


    What a devastating story! Wow. What really wonderful voices and musical direction. Great tech too...what sophisticated lighting .....My congratulations for doing such a difficult show with humanity, grace and talent.


    What an amazing performance of Next to Normal at the Two of Us Productions!  Everyone was truly fabulous. 


    Great job on the show!  I was very caught up and engrossed in the whole thing! 


    If you haven't seen Next to Normal yet, you have 2 chances left.  Saturday at 8:00 pm and sunday at 3:00 pm.  It's a great show.  Connie is TERRIFIC in it - a very demanding role.


  Went with my friends David and Barry to see Next to Normal last night. What a terrific show! We were marveling that with a show that’s almost all singing from start to finish, we didn’t hear one bad note. As usual, great casting, great set, great music, and great directing!


The show was a great accomplishment; so enjoyable, well done, and a great gift to the community.  ....  the music was just terrific and the whole production flowed so effortlessly - no easy thing with this with such material to begin with, but with such a young cast as well...  A job very well done. ....  To enjoy something so much, in a way that allows you to be creative AND to tell great stories to the community, is very inspiring.


The reviews are in and the critics wholeheartedly agree this was a terrific production of NEXT TO NORMAL! 


RAGTIME, The Musical:
"The whole show was wonderful! Oh my gosh, what talent, it was incredible! I took my parents and we all had such a wonderful time..the show was impressive with the sets (the projections and the side things the actors climbed on...your Model T was fantastic!!) What a professional production..oh, it was just wonderful!  BRAVO
"The historical period is vivid.  (Evelyn) Nesbit is nicely played by a saucy Tara K. Young, Louise Pillai is a slim and rousing Emma Goldman."  There are a number of attractive voices in this cast ...especially .. Paul Carter as Coalhouse Walker and Constance Lopez as Mother"
"... Carter emphasizing Coalhouse'swarmth, conflict and rage"
"Lopez ... creates a woman who is intensely feminine and empathetic but well equipped with a clear head and a solid backbone." -- Marion Hunter, The Columbia Paper

RAGTIME, THE MUSICAL  Fall 2003 – Lynn Colclough
“ … a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the production of Ragtime” … “I thought I was going to sob out loud! “

RAGTIME, THE MUSICAL  Fall 2003 – Myra Lutomski
… my family and friends were wowed by your wonderful production of Ragtime …


Here's what our Audiences said about LES MISERABLES:   

"Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This word does not even do justice to the performance of LES MIS last night by The Two Of Us Productions at Taconic Hills Performing Arts Center!  It was as good, or better, than any other production of LES MIS that I have seen!  ...  Outstanding performance!" -- Kathleen K.

"Great job with the show!  I caught the first Sunday and the second Friday"  -- Alan L.

"Your orchestra is very good.  It is really telling when the orchestra blends in so well you hardly notice its' there, until the cymbals crash"  --  Joe S. 
"Masterful pit, strong voices conquer Les Mis score  ...  you’ve gotta love the grit and gusto of The Two of Us. Producing this humungous ... musical on a limited budget with mostly non-pros  ...  Stephen Sanborn, director/conductor, and Constance Lopez, actor/assistant director, have not hesitated  ...  Although the company has other virtues, its big claim to your attention is that its musicals appear with a full, live orchestra.   ...   It has never been more in-tune, more responsive to the baton, sweeter or more passionate.  It exhibits a healthy brass section, a creamy-toned oboe, a folksy tuba, a solid percussion section and two keyboards supplying important glue" -- Marion Hunter, The Columbia Paper.    
" (Your production of LES MISREABLES) was great, it's the best yet. " -- Lindsay P. in Hudson NY. 

"Wonderful production.  I greatly enjoyed the show.  The timing and pacing were spot on.  The orchestra was fantastic, and cast work was exceptional"  -- Anonymous.
"I was blown away by the performance.  What a great job!" --  Erin L.
" What a wonderful production you guys put on!! A must see!!" -- Lisa H-M.

" We see a lot of productions in the Capital Region and you are the cream of the crop every time.  That being said, your LES MISERABLES was just fantastic, the best yet!" - anonymous in Albany NY. 
" The experience of being a part of LES MISREABLES with The Two Of Us Productions was incredible. Many people I spoke with were so positive and it was an exciting adventure."  -- Kristen L, Athens, NY. 
RAGTIME, The Musical:
"The Two Of Us Productions is a gutsy little-big theater company."  "Their RAGTIME embraces history, race, music, and hard personal choices. It evokes feelings of national pride and anger that you may have thought you had outgrown.  These feelings are worth digging up." -- Marion Hunter, The Columbia Paper
"A dazzling production of RAGTIME ... The upbeat Ragtime music (is) played to the nines by the vibrant 26 piece orchestra under Stephen Sanborn ... The choreography of Constance Lopez carried superb flow ...  The sets were simple and just right ... wonderful lighting that sometimes seemed a trick of Houdini."   --  John Paul Keeler, The Register-Star
"On Saturday evening I went off to see RAGTIME. It is a wonderful production and made me want to read the book again  I highly recommend it  .
"What an amazing show!  Bravo!"
"Your Daddy's Son ... sung by Jacqueline Salvatore in a caressing vocal sound, a lullaby for the infant in her arms.  Constance Lopez as Mother sang her songs with fine style bringing a superb contrast in Goodbye My Love  and What Kind Of Woman .. James Jollie brought fine acting to the part of Tateh .... Louise Pillai's declamation as Emma Goldman ...  could surely be heard at Catskill Point"  --  John Paul Keeler, The Register-Star  
The Two Of Us in the news!
Listen to "Performance Art in Hudson" and hear a roundtable discussion from several performance groups, including The Two of Us Productions!

CABARET -  Some feedback from the audience
" It was a great show and fabulous production, but dark and foreboding at the same time. "
The Kit Kat Klub denizens looked appropriately debauched, but were clearly having a good time ......  " I enjoyed the show, although I had forgotten that it ended on such a painful and frightening note.  Good Job !! "
" It was great to see another quality production from The Two Of Us Productions.  You seem to always manage to pull the best from your cast members and musicians!  "

THE OWL & THE PUSSYCAT - Vinny Alexander The Poughkeepsie Journal
"The Owl & The Pussycat has plenty of chemistry ...  (Constance) Lopez is an exuberant actress.  She makes the overbearing and crass Doris likeable and endearing." 
" (Harold) LaDue's Felix is stiff and stodgy, but he shows a gentle, human side to his bookworm character."  
CHICAGO, The Musical - Jeff Borak  Berkshire Eagle  
" As Roxie Hart, Anahid Avsharian is at her best in her musical numbers. She dances ably, on occasion stylishly, and her songs, in terms of vocal quality, expression and dramatic phrasing, are well executed   ... "  
" As Velma, Roxie's mentor-turned-rival-turned vaudeville partner, (Constance) Lopez is ... a woman whose dependence on noted criminal attorney Billy Flynn ...  is tempered by her weary savvy about the way of the world.
Her lament with Matron "Mama" Morton (played by Katie Johnson with robust theatrical flair) is the evening's highlight.   ... "
“...  As was the case with Two Of Us' production of 'Man of La Mancha' last spring, 'Chicago' is in very good musical hands under (Stage and Musical Director Stephen) Sanborn's baton..." 
CABARET  - Robert Couture  WAMC Public Radio
"In this particular production, Constance Lopez plays the role in a rendering which is creative and interesting in its love/hate suggestions, Ms. Lopez is always convincing ... The always welcome, ironic and satiric 'If You Could See Her," performed with a person in a gorilla suit, drips of human sarcasm. .."
"The role of Sally Bowles, the young English lady caught in the web of the club, is well played by Cat Messing; her lithe stage action is a real plus in the production. Ms. Messing does a lovely job in the "Cabaret" song. "
"Johanna Albrecht, portraying Frau Schneider, is wooed and almost won by the placid German/Jew, Herr Schultz, (played by Dave Owens), who is destined for intractable difficulty. Their duet, It Couldn't Please Me More, is downright heavenly.... "
"A really good band is at the back of the small/simple stage, and they give excellent support.  "
"The production is very well directed by Stephen Sanborn and Harold La Due, who martial their troupes well and convey quite slyly the electric atmosphere in this world of unreality. Choreographer Constance Lopez struts her stuff well on the stage and runway, especially in numbers like the strongly suggestive "Money" All in all, this is a well-formulated presentation."

CABARET - Nicole Edwards Poughkeepsie Journal
Berlin nightlife unfolds on stage in Cabaret. The days of bigotry, intolerance, religious prejudice and social upheaval are long gone. Well, it sounds good, anyway.
The Two of Us Productions theater company touches on these issues in the performance of Cabaret, but as they happen during in Berlin after World War 1. While working on the set at the Rhinebeck venue, co-director Stephen Sanborn discussed what separates this production from previous stage or cinematic versions. Sanborn said that his production highlights the themes of unchecked pleasure seeking and survival that are threaded across the stories of two couples, accented and commented on by song and dance at the famed Kit Kat Klub. He explained that ''we looked back at how this show was handled in the original 1966 production and tried to make sure the dramatic line of what was going on in Berlin really comes through.''
''It truly does tell a story,'' said George Lytle of New York City, who portrays Cliff Bradshaw, an aspiring novelist from America. ''It tells a story of the times. There have been many productions that focus on the sexual debauchery, but I think in this particular production these are people that are changed at the end of this show.''
I can think of no better words to recommend Cabaret than to quote Sally Bowles: ''What good is sitting alone in your room, come hear the music play''. You won't regret it.

What our Audience said about RUMORS: 
"This Farce Is Sure To Make You Laugh ..  the fast-paced script is full of clever lines ... Luckily, the performers of this local production have great comedic timing" --  Darryl Gangloff, Lakeville Journal  

"Great show.  The pacing was excellent, sound was very good and the stage gives just the right look!" -- Dan M. from Hudson NY

" Wanted to let you know how much my husband, Rich,and I enjoyed yesterday's production of RUMORS. It was a perfectly delightful performance and a thoroughly entertaining way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Connie Lopez and all the other actors were fantastic!"-- Joyce V. from Kingston NY

" .. very funny show ... Chris (Gorman) is hysterical .."  -- Anonymous

"(this) Strong cast wrings hearty laughs" from Neil Simon's RUMORS,  "The cast is fantastic ...  It's basically a sitcom and we're the live studio audience"  --  Marion Hunter, The Columbia Paper  


What our Audience had to say about CHICAGO, THE MUSICAL: 
" Beautifully conceived and executed, the show was a delight from start to finish" --  Joan Luther, TANYS Adjudicator 

" CHICAGO cast breathes new life into Jazz Age Setting" --  Marion Hunter from The Columbia Paper

We were totally impressed with how much you conveyed with your well designed set & use off props.  It showed how much a talented cast and director can do.  I enjoyed the show immensely and I'm very glad to find such good theater in Columbia County  -- Anonymous from Philmont, NY.

I have heard rave reviews from my friends who attended this weekend's performances  -- Dan M. from Hudson NY.

" As Roxie .. we have Constance Lopez .. she finds the vaudevillian's demand ....just as doable as the drama and introspection of her character in 'Next To Normal'.  On her it looks easy"  "Alissa Wyatt at Velma as Velma has beauty, acting skill and voice .. I hope for more of Wyatt from these producers"  " Brian Yorck as the slick-and-sleazy Billy Flynn is convincing"  "Brian Mauch as the cellophane man is adorable"  " --  Marion Hunter from The Columbia Paper  

Great show on Saturday night!  -- Debbie B from Hudson NY. 

Took eleven family members, including myself, to see opening night of CHICAGO.  I'd seen your previous production but I though the quality and energy of this show was by far the best!  -- Ed F. from Kingston NY. 


Here's what our Audiences said about SPAMALOT:   
"Just saw SPAMALOT!  Wonderful and delightful, Bravo !!" -- Marjorie M.

"We Really enjoyed the show ... We both love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so SPAMALOT was right up our alley!" -- Leanna & Matt O . 

"You guys are the best!  saw it (SPAMALOT) today and was in awe of how you did such a complicated show, kudos to all involved.   P.S. Loved the orchestra!" -- Carol H. from Pine Plains NY. 
"(Your production of SPAMALOT is a) tight show, excellent cast, wonderful performance.  I really like the acoustics at the Taconic Hlls PAC, I could hear every joke and every song"  -- Cindy G. in Great Barrington, MA.
"Great show yesterday!  Enjoyed it very much." -- Neil H in Craryville NY.
"Saw it (SPAMALOT) and it was absolutely hilarious and I loved it.  My friend and I saw it before our vacation and often found ourselves singing the tunes throughout the entire vacation." -- Matt B. from Ancram NY.  
"Diane and I went to the Sunday matinee and had a great time.  Wonderful job done by all.  Diane thought you were great with the coconuts & bought a pair to she can practice." -- Joan M
"Your orchestra is very good.  It is really telling when the orchestra blends in so well you hardly notice its' there, until the cymbal crash"  --  Joe S. 
" You (Patsy) were great !!  Good show!" -- Pete T. in Hudson NY. 

" (Your productiono of Spamamot) is tight, funny, solid, a wonderful cast, it the best I've seen" -- Lindsay P. in Hudson NY. 

"Wonderful production.  I greatly enjoyed the show.  The timing and pacing were spot on.  The orchestra was flawless, The acoustics in the theatre were definitely good" -- Dan M. in Hudson NY. 

" We see a lot of productions in the Capital Region and you are the cream of the crop every time.  SPAMALOT is the latest and possibly the best yet." - anonymous in Albany NY.

"Really tight, strong cast, very funny" -- Paul M. in Great Barrington MA.

"Hysterical and so much fun to watch, great songs, great orchestra, bravo!" -- Harold L. in Germantown NY.  


Here's what our Audiences said about A TALE OF TWO CITIES:   
"My husband has been to see a lot of your shows and he thinks this is the best one yet" - Deanna F. in Clifton Park NY
"This show is VERY WELL DONE, bravo!" - Matt R in Hudson NY
"went to Hudson, NY last night to see The Two of Us Productions' A TALE OF TWO CITIES.  Constance Therese Lopez & Tara Young you were fabulous!!  Of course, enjoyned the orchestra as always!! Glad we had a chance to see it!! "  Ted & Donna in Pittsfield MA
"Congratulations for putting on such a challenging show .... The play really allowed for many of the cast members to shine.  I know Connie's fine work.  Sydney was nothing short of spectacular  ...  congratulations on a difficult job well done!" - Bob S. in Great Barrington MA
"I love the story line and music, and your set and lighting adds to the drama" -  Anonymous in Hudson NY
" I LOVED the show... an incredible job of staging what is clearly a highly underestimated piece of musical theater ... the orchestra was phenomenal as was the score they had to work with ... cast and performance quality were first rate!  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to come and see it"  Lisa J in North Adams MA
" I came to the last performance of TALE OF TWO CITIES -- wonderful!" Meg D. in NYC
"Constance Therese Lopez, when you tell "The Tale" the way you do it's easy to cry over you"  Frank L. in Albany NY
CHICAGO, The Musical - E. Fournier, Ancramdale NY. 
" .....  it was amazing. Connie's song with "Momma" was magical (and very "Classy"). Too Much FUN!! I am coming back again this weekend with my Mom. Again, thanks for the hard work. It translates into a wonderful evening for your audiences  ...  "
CHICAGO, The Musical - M. Pezzo, Pittsfield, MA.  
" The Two-of-Us-Productions' 'Chicago' was like a well-oiled machine, totally entertaining and spellbinding. Good live theater at reasonable prices -- that's what the Berkshires are about! "
THE OWL & THE PUSSYCAT - James Cotter The Times Herald Record
" ...  (Constance) Lopez (as Doris W.) is a dynamo as she switches from fits of anger to loving submission, from disillusion to hope and growing self confidence.  Her face beams with happiness and next grimaces with despair in a virtuoso non-stop performance."


CABARET - Fernando Valdivia  The Millerton Times Herald-Record
Welcoming Cabaret to Rhinebeck …. “the current revival by the Two Of Us Productions is fortunate to have a skilled technical crew and talented cast” …
… this excellent production opts for the versatile Constance Lopez in the role originally performed by Joel Gray … From the opening Wilkommen” to the closing “Finale”, Lopez epitomizes the sordid culture of the Weimar Republic that foreshadowed the fascist takeover.… As Clifford Bradshaw, the newly arrived na´ve bisexual American writer, George Lytle is both sympathetic and believable as Cliff falls reluctantly in love with the Kit Kat’s ambivalent chanteuse. That’s Sally Bowles, well-played by Cat Messing, who later sings the unforgettable invitation to the cabaret …… A second short-lived romance between Bradshaw’s widowed landlady, Fraulein Schneider and Herr Schultz, an elderly Jewish fruit merchant, gives Johanna Albrecht and David Owens an opportunity to sing a couple of bittersweet duets and solos … …. Perter Mostachetti has the right accent and bearing for the role of Ernst Ludwig, the affable Nazi … Alice Tunison is funny as Fraulein Kost, the durable prostitute whose income increases when the fleet’s in … Joseph Neuhoff, Harold LaDue, and Dan Maughan capably assume multiple roles as waiters, sailors, chorus boys and fascist goons … Trevor Tunison appears as the uniformed Tenor Soloist who sings the not so innocent anthem “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”.

CABARET – James Fitzgerald The Paper
“ Once you get past the mildly controversial aspects of the beautiful girls of the Kit Kat Klub seductively developing Act I and Act II amidst the arches and pews (of the Beautiful First United Methodist Church) it’s just fun. The stage band, the players, and the audience were loving a bit of Broadway in Pittsfield.”
“ ...   the unique personality of Pittsfield’s Cabaret was primarily provided by Steve Sanborn and Connie Lopez. He is principally a musician and director; she is principally a singer and actress. They are a couple and together they call themselves The Two Of Us Productions.”


MAN OF LA MANCHA: Jeff Borak  Berkshire Eagle - " ....in the powerful "Aldonza," a thoroughly disillusioned Aldonza (Constance Lopez), a slatternly tavern wench, hurls Quixote's idealism back in his face. Aldonza dredges up the dirt and grim realities that are and have been her life in a fierce attempt to make Quixote see her for who and what she is .......  Lopez taps a core of wrenching, anguished truth as her Aldonza, cruelly betrayed by Quixote's idealism, vents the weakness within her -- the pure and virtuous woman denied her by her birthright that has allowed her to so desperately buy into Quixote's vision of her. The effect is shattering"  

MAN OF LA MANCHA: Jeff Borak  Berkshire Eagle  “In the pit, (Stage and Musical Director Stephen) Sanborn and a first-rate complement of musicians  give Mitch Leigh's score all it deserves and more” 
MAN OF LA MANCHA - Edward F., Catskill New York  " Thank you for an absolutely wonderful evening!   ....  The show itself is just wonderful. I brought my 12 year old niece. She sat on the edge of her seat throughout the show, totally captivated. Thanks again!!! "
MAN OF LA MANCHA - Mary O'Connell, Millbrook, New York
" ...  everything was wonderful, from the space, the costumes, the set, the music, the choreography, and the cast and crew.  ...  Bravo, and here's to many more successes to come."

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