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Producing Director - Stephen Sanborn
Co-Producer - Constance Lopez
Special Projects - Michael Dunnell
Past Production - SWEENEY TODD - Fall 2019
Past Production - CAROL BURNETT & ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE - Spring 2019
Past Production - TERMS OF ENDEARMENT - Spring 2019
Past Production - MAMMA MIA - Fall 2018
Past production - LEND ME A TENOR - Spring 2018
Past Production - PETER PAN - Fall 2017
Past Production - RUMORS by Neil Simon - Spring 2017
Past Production - YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN - Fall 2016
Past Production - CHICAGO - Spring 2016
Past Production - NEXT TO NORMAL - Fall 2015
Past Production - JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - Spring 2015
Past Production - INTO THE WOODS - Fall 2014
Past Production - LES MISERABLES - Spring 2014
Past Production - SPAMALOT - Fall 2013
Past Production - A TALE OF TWO CITIES - Fall 2012
Past Production - RAGTIME,The Musical - Fall 2011
Past Production - CABARET - Spring 2011
Past Production - BROKEN GLASS - Spring 2009
Past Production - Man Of La Mancha - Fall 2008

The Two Of Us Productions is an affiliate of Roving Actor's Repertory Ensemble, a 501 c(3) non-profit theater company based in Copake, NY. We produce full-scale musicals, drama & comedies, and murder mystery evenings. Our mission is to bring quality stage productions to our local audience. We are known throughout the Hudson Valley and Western New England for bringing the excitement of full orchestra musical theater to the local stage.

2020 Mainstage Season:  

   - Friday March 6th  - 7pm

    - Saturday March 7th -noon

    - Sunday March 8th - 2pm 

    - Callbacks by invitation on Sunday March 15th - 2pm

  • WHERE:  All auditions and callbacks will be at the Dutch Church of Claverack, 88 Route 9H in Claverack NY.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Performances will be May 8th through 17th, 2020.  Performances & most rehearsals will be at The Theater at The Grange, located at The Copake Grange, 628 Empire Road, Copake NY. 

Please contact the director at 518-329-6293 or write to TheTwoOfUsProductions@gmail.com

BATHROOM HUMOR - opens May 8th

   A swanky house party, a spacious main bathroom,
    a party viewed through the eyes of party guests visiting
   the bathroom during the party. An appearance by Elvis! 

CABARET - opens Nov. 13th
    It is the early-1930s, Berlin is still enjoying the art & music
    of the raucous 1920s, but there are brown shirt clouds
    swirling around a the storm gathers strength!


If you'd like to talk to us or arrange for a business sponsorship please contact us at
518-329-6293 or write to us at TheTwoOfUsProductions@gmail.com .  
Be a supporter of The Two of Us Productions!   If you'd like to support our mission but can't be there in person we'd like to add you to our growing list of theater angels and business sponsors.  Please visit our Supporters page to make an on-line donation .  


CLick here to read Marion Hunter's Review in The Columbia Paper!


It has been said, somewhat in jest, that Broadway is a cutthroat business.  In Deathtrap we see that it is all too real.  Consider one Sidney Bruhl, a successful Broadway playwright who has been looking for his next big success, for 13 years!  Sidney receives a draft play from a former student.  He reads the script, recognizes quality writing & a potential hit when he sees it, and starts thinking how the student’s play can become Sidney’s property.  If only the student were to “disappear”.  His wife Myra, who thought she knew her loving husband, is shocked to hear Sidney toying with idea on how to get the play and get rid of the student.  Enter the student, Clifford Anderson!  Mix in a the famous Dutch psychic Helga Ten Dorp who is sensing things uncomfortably close to the truth, Sidney’s lawyer Porter Milgram, and there we have it, a Deathtrap!

This delicious and twisted tale features a strong & award-winning cast that includes:  Matt Leinung as Sidney, Peter Mostachetti as Clifford, Constance Lopez as Myra, Cyndi Miller as Helga, and John Costa as Porter. 

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Be a part of the action!  If you are interested in getting involved in front of the foot lights or behind the scenes with our production team?  We'd love to hear from you.  From house management, to concessions, to musicians and artists, actors and stage crew, there's a place for everyone.  

To contact us for more information:
  call 518-329-6293, 
  visit us on FaceBook
The Two Of Us Productions
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The Two Of Us Productions is an affiliate of RARE (Roving Actors' Repertory Ensemble), a 501(c3) corporation registered in the State of New York.
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