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Producing Director - Stephen Sanborn
Co-Producer - Constance Lopez
Special Projects - Michael Dunnell
Past Production - CHICAGO Spring 2016
Past Production - NEXT TO NORMAL - Fall 2015
Past Production - JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - Spring 2015
Past Production - INTO THE WOODS - Fall 2014
Past Production - LES MISERABLES - Spring 2014
Past Production - SPAMALOT - Fall 2013
Past Production - MOVING ON - Spring 2013
Past Production - 2 plays by Christopher Durang - Spring 2013
Past Production - A TALE OF TWO CITIES - Fall 2012
Past Production - RAGTIME,The Musical - Fall 2011
Past Production - CABARET - Spring 2011
Past Production - BEYOND THERAPY - Spring 2010
Past Production - BROKEN GLASS - Spring 2009
Past Production - Man Of La Mancha - Fall 2008

The Two Of Us Productions is an affiliate of Roving Actor's Repertory Ensemble, a 501 c(3) non-profit theater company based in Copake, NY. We produce full-scale musicals, drama & comedies, and murder mystery evenings. Our mission is to bring quality stage productions to our local audience. We are known throughout the Hudson Valley and Western New England for bringing the excitement of full orchestra musical theater to the local stage.

Coming this Fall, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN!  opens for 6 electrifying performances from Sept. 30th thru Oct. 9th, 2016.
      Auditions are completed & we have a great cast!
      Stay tuned to this website for updates
           & rehearsal photos !!
Stay tuned for our summer program of theater & music events, and Murder Mysteries!


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Our production of NEXT TO NORMAL has been recognized by The Theater Association of NY STATE (TANYS):
  • Excellence in Ensemble Performance to the Cast 
  • Excellence in Direction to Stephen Sanborn

We are especially pleased that this is recognizing the strong ensemble performances of our cast, and the tightly orchestrated performance of the cast, orchestra & technical team.

You can see all the awards by clicking here and looking for NEXT TO NORMAL by The Two Of Us Productions.



TANYS AWARDS: The Theatre Association of NY State recognized our production of LES MISERABLES with 8 awards, including:
- Outstanding ensemble work to the Company
- Outstanding musical performance to the Orchestra
You can see all the awards by clicking here and looking for LES MISERABLES by The Two Of Us Productions.

Be a part of the action!  If you are interested in getting involved in front of the foot lights or behind the scenes with our production team?  We'd love to hear from you.  From house management, to concessions, to musicians and artists, actors and stage crew, there's a place for everyone.  

To contact us for more information:
  call 518-329-6293, 
  vsit us on FaceBook

What our Audience says about CHICAGO, THE MUSICAL: 
" Beautifully conceived and executed, the show was a delight from start to finish" --  Joan Luther, TANYS Adjudicator 

" CHICAGO cast breathes new life into Jazz Age Setting" --  Marion Hunter from The Columbia Paper

We were totally impressed with how much you conveyed with your well designed set & use off props.  It showed how much a talented cast and director can do.  I enjoyed the show immensely and I'm very glad to find such good theater in Columbia County  -- Anonymous from Philmont, NY.

I have heard rave reviews from my friends who attended this weekend's performances  -- Dan M. from Hudson NY.

" As Roxie .. we have Constance Lopez .. she finds the vaudevillian's demand ....just as doable as the drama and introspection of her character in 'Next To Normal'.  On her it looks easy"  "Alissa Wyatt at Velma as Velma has beauty, acting skill and voice .. I hope for more of Wyatt from these producers"  " Brian Yorck as the slick-and-sleazy Billy Flynn is convincing"  "Brian Mauch as the cellophane man is adorable"  " --  Marion Hunter from The Columbia Paper  

Great show on Saturday night!  -- Debbie B from Hudson NY. 

Took eleven family members, including myself, to see opening night of CHICAGO.  I'd seen your previous production but I though the quality and energy of this show was by far the best!  -- Ed F. from Kingston NY. 


TANYS AWARDS: The Theatre Association of NY State recognized our production of CHICAGO, THE MUSICAL with seven awards:
Excellence in Production Design and Execution to the Director, Production Team, Orchestra, Cast and Crew
Excellence in Ensemble Performance to the Cast
Excellence in Performance to Alissa Wyatt for her portrayal of Velma Kelly
Excellence in Performance to Constance Lopez for her portrayal of Roxie Hart
Excellence in Choreography to Jennie Smyth and Constance Lopez
Excellence in Direction to Stephen Sanborn
Excellence in Dance to Mike Van Horn

You can see all the awards by visiting and looking for CHICAGO by The Two Of Us Productions/RARE.


Our production of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR has been recognized by The Theater Association of NY STATE (TANYS):
  • Outstanding Musical Direction & Conducting to Stephen Sanborn
  • Excellence in Acting to Constance Lopez (Judas Iscariot)
  • Excellence in Acting to Betsy Rees (Mary Magdalene) 
  • Meritorious Vocal Direction to Daniel Galliher
  • Meritorious Singing to Joseph Alvarez (Jesus Christ)
  • Meritorious Acting to Brian Yorck (Herod)

You can see all the awards by clicking here and looking for JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR by The Two Of Us Productions.

Be a supporter of The Two of Us Productions!   If you'd like to support our mission but can't be there in person we'd like to add you to our growing list of theater angels and business sponsors.  Please visit our Supporters page to make an on-line donation .  

If you'd like to talk to us or arrange for a business sponsorship please contact us at
518-329-6293 or write to us at .   
The Two Of Us Productions
in affiliation with RARE Inc. a 501 (c)(3)  non-profit corporation
The Two Of Us Productions is an affiliate of RARE (Roving Actors' Repertory Ensemble), a 501(c3) corporation registered in the State of New York.
These roductions are supported in part by public funds from the NY State Council on the Arts Decentralization Fund, administered in Columbia County by The Greene county Council on the Arts.   We also gratefully acknowledge the support of Stewart Shops, Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation, Key Bank, and our many individual contributors.
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